Light hasn’t just been used to illuminate, it has been used to create an artistic experience

Over one thousand lines of bespoke code has been written and almost 37,000 individually addressable pixels installed by Studiotech. The result is truly spectacular.

Light hasn’t just been used to illuminate Yotel, Glasgow, it has been used to create an experience, it’s been used as art.

Take a journey through the hotel to be greeted by surprise immersive light art in unexpected places.

Mirrors in the lobby with depth sensing, motion tracking cameras and 5,888 individually addressable RGB pixels that seemingly capture the guests in a tunnel of infinite light.

A lift cart with 5,816 individually addressable RGB pixels installed, complete with a synchronised sound to light show that absorbs the users into a magical world of sound and light.

A bowling alley that is illuminated with 24,460 RGB pixels installed within one hundred forty four bespoke lighting channels. Live motion tracking of the bowling ball down the lane provided by overhead cameras creates a magical, futuristic Experience.

All of the above lighting is running from just one single server meaning that almost 37000 pixels are all operating in unison from just one source of control server.

Come and immerse yourself in a world of dynamic light art. A truly spectacular and unique display of boundary pushing design that is guaranteed to provide the most stimulating of user experiences.