Kitchen for Life – a symbiotic relationship. By Porcelanosa

Kitchen for Life – a symbiotic relationship

Purchasing a PORCELANOSA kitchen will earn you a gift voucher for life.

That’s not figurative or symbolic, it’s entirely true. PORCELANOSA wants a symbiotic relationship with its customers and the Kitchen for Life initiative is representative of that.

If you purchase a PORCELANOSA kitchen in a participating establishment in the area for promotion during the first 30 calendar days from your purchase, you’ll receive the Certificate of PORCELANOSA Kitchen for Life.

You can register at gama-dé

The value of your voucher will depend on the price of the furniture that was originally purchased and the time that has passed since the original purchase. You’ll receive the full details for your particular purchase and your gift voucher value, according to the year of use, after registration and purchase of your new GAMADECOR kitchen furniture.

GAMADECOR kitchens, both Emotions™ and Residence™, are defined by their high-quality materials, finishes and design. They combine aesthetic elegance with practical functionality, capturing the latest trends in a harmonious environment.

Your voucher can be redeemed after two years from the date of purchase and can be applied to the purchase of new kitchen furniture from GAMADECOR. You can redeem it yourself, or gift it to a family member or friend who wishes to use it – it can only be used once though, so make sure to keep that in mind!

You or a relative/friend can renew, extend or equip your PORCELANOSA kitchen and kit it out with the latest GAMADECOR furniture, keeping your kitchen classy and modern.


Set up in 1987, GAMADECOR produces kitchen and bathroom furniture of the utmost quality, technology and the very latest designs. Its facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce kitchen and bathroom furniture, wardrobes and dressing rooms guaranteeing maximum quality and contemporary designs.


With more than 45 years’ experience, PORCELANOSA Group is one of the most prestigious ceramics manufacturers in the world, offering kitchen and bathroom furniture in over 970 stores across 150 countries. Throughout, consumers can see on-going developments in the innovation and design of all its products.

Production diversification has played a key role in the growth of our business, which started with the production of a single product: ceramic tiles. Today, the Group’s eight companies offer a vast product range that includes not just flooring, kitchen and bathroom equipment but also state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.