Contact-free bathrooms

Improving hygiene and caring for customers – touch-free bathrooms by Noken

We have all had to create a new normal for ourselves outside of the usual work environment and our hygienic awareness has probably never been greater.

As industries reopen and customers start to return, businesses are having to implement new rules and technologies to mitigate our hygienic concerns.

Noken, the bathroom company of the PORCELANOSA Group, has a full range of touch-free bathroom furnishings to encourage the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Contactless fittings, such as electric sensor taps and sensor driven controls for toilets and soap/gel dispenser, help to ensure customers’ comfort and ease maintenance for the business.

Wall mounted electronic taps make the cleaning process of both the tap and washbasin easier, reducing any potential risks for business owners and staff. Furthermore, automatic sensors for taps help reduce water wastage by up to 60%.

Of course, electronic taps would be rather redundant without automatic soap and gel dispensers, and Noken has got your back here as well. Noken has a wide range of dispensers, including wall mounted, concealed, anti-drip and anti-vandal dispensers.

These dispensers can also be installed in communal areas, such as receptions, as well as bathrooms.

Toilet trips can be equally free from unnecessary contact with shared surfaces with the Noken sanitaryware range, including infrared flushing systems for both WCs and urinals.

If you have any other queries about automatic sensor taps and touch-free bathroom products, take a look at our Noken sensor taps buying guide.