PORCELANOSA introduce the KRION Shell webinar

The KRION Shell webinar

Through the PORCELANOSA Academy, an online portal designed to inspire and inform architects, contractors, and homeowners alike, PORCELANOSA are delighted to introduce ‘SUSTAINABILITY – 101: KRION Shell, the Eco-friendly Solid Surface by KRION’ an interactive webinar for Architects presented by the KRION team.

Discover how KRION Shell’s Engineered Mineral Composite, composed of abundant minerals, manufactures its sustainable sanitary ware through resins made from plastic waste to promote dematerialisation, and thus betting on a circular economy.

At KRION PORCELANOSA Group our mission to design and create products which fulfil the quality requirements in the current market, which are also linked with values associated with sustainability. We understand sustainability as a rational system by which we minimise the consumption of resources, opting for using recycled resources and low energy consumption, offering durable, repairable products on the market. We want to be a link in the chain promoting the circular economy.

KRION Shell is an Engineered Mineral Composite made of two parts: a structural inner core, made primarily of minerals (dolomite) with an eco-friendly resin binder, and a solid uniform outer surface made of mineral materials (ATH) and resins.

KRION Shell contains at least 5% recycled waste plastic in their composition, hence contributing to more sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. For example, a Slope 150×90 cm shower tray contains a quantity of recycled PET equivalent to 380 plastic bottles.

The material allows for different finishes, textures and colours to be produced. Highly resistant to stains, heavy impact, thermal shock and sudden temperature changes. Still keeping all the main properties of KRION such as: zero porosity, antibacterial, easy to clean and easily repairable.