#PORCELANOSA Positivity – It’s a dog’s life

#PORCELANOSA Positivity – It’s a dog’s life

During lock-down, the one thing we can count on to cheer us up is our four-legged friends.

Be it for a snuggle on the sofa or out on a muddy walk, dogs, cats, and everything in-between can brighten up your day.

However, our animal friends can cause havoc on our wooden floors but have no fear! PORCELANOSA have the solution.

PAR-KERTM ceramic parquet by PORCELANOSA recreates the texture of natural wood with the strength of ceramics and can be installed as interior or exterior floor or wall tiles. PAR-KERTM combines ceramic durability with the warmth of wood in a single structure. Among its many properties, the resistance it shows against high and low temperatures, fire, moisture and scratch-resistance be from shoes or paws is particularly noteworthy.

Three ranges to inspire you from PAR-KERTM



Formed by centennial oaks and moss-covered rocks, the Wisman forest in the south-east of England is one of the most mystical and enigmatic natural sites in the county of Devon.

Devon (PAR-KERTM) ceramic wood takes its name and bucolic air from this nature reserve, but also reshapes it with its own light and a carefully worn look.

The aged appearance of each of its pieces brings a unique and intimate feel to spaces. This is due in large part to the whitewash effect, implicit and recognisable in its four shades: Maple, Oak, Riviera and Bone.


Porcelanosa takes the essence of oak wood to produce a technical porcelain of great resistance and strength against wear and tear.

A selection of the best neutral woods and virtually without knots that serve as inspiration to make ceramic pieces of the highest quality, very elegant and simulating a brushed finish.

This new PAR-KERTM collection, with a format of 19.3 cm x 120 cm, is available in five different colours (Roble, Arce, Natural, Nut and Grey) and can even be selected in anti-slip finish for use in wet areas and outdoors.


This is a ceramic piece that reproduces the singularities of wood with extreme accuracy which, banks on a composition that is 95% recycled.

Porcelanosa has considered sustainability as part of its philosophy since its inception, over 40 years ago. This concept has led to the implementation of innovative, eco-friendly processes and products, with a clear goal: minimise the impact of emissions, reduce waste, and expand the good use of water resources. The firm’s latest line to join their Ecoproject has been the Forest series.

FOREST comes in four different colours: Natural, Arce, Fresno and Acero. Shades which make for relaxing and bright finishes, which is the case with Forest Natural, and in a greyish and elegant tone like Forest Acero.