Sundeala FR – COVID free within 5 minutes – By James Latham

Sundeala FR

Sundeala board has been used in thousands of schools, offices, student bedrooms and even prisons throughout the country for decades. However recent testing has shown that it can also now aid in the fight to combat the Covid 19 pandemic.

Sundeala FR has long been acknowledged as the safest, most environmentally-friendly notice board for many years, however, it has now also been shown to be 100% free from coronavirus within 5 minutes, both on the surface and inside the board itself.

Sundeala FR is great for use as protective wall cladding, touch-safe door plates or notice boards in schools, healthcare facilities and commercial and industrial environments. It is perfect for protecting against viral infection as it does not need to be cleaned or disinfected.

If you would like a sample swatch with all 9 colours (Grey, Red, Charcoal, Blue, Green, Yellow, Wheat, Lilac & Orange), please contact

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