Surfaces For Safer Spaces. By James Latham

Find the right surface for safer spaces…

As you’ll be more than aware, hygiene and safety are currently dominating our industry.

James Latham is here to help you specify the right products for projects that require technical and hygienic surfaces.

Top of the list for performance is advanced antimicrobial thermoplastic KYDEX. Easily mouldable to any shape, it is heavily utilised in healthcare because of its robustness and inherent hygienic qualities. It is used for everything from reception desks and furniture through to door coverings and wall panels.

In a similar vein, antimicrobial decorative HPL laminates such as Abet Lamishield™, which not only reduces the level of bacteria on its surface by up to 99.9% but also prevents the spread of fungi, mould and other microbes, can be used in applications where an ‘on site’ install is required to cover doors, walls or other permanent or semi-permanent structures.

Our Solid Surface range from brands such as HIMACS and Avonite provide the perfect seamless installation, whilst also being resistant to the rigours of regular cleaning regimes with harsh chemicals. Ideal for work surfaces, sinks, seating and more, they help you fight against pathogens, bacteria, mould and microorganisms.

Finally, with the need for barriers between people becoming more and more common in almost every environment, we are also pleased to introduce AcryBright™, a premium quality clear acrylic sheet, perfect for hygiene screens, protective partitions and social distancing measures.

With a history stretching back over 260 years, James Latham have always been seen as innovators and with a stock profile including those mentioned above, this clearly continues to this day.

If you would like any more technical information or samples of these products, please contact or call 0161537 1185 . We are also taking booking appointments for our Manchester showroom – 31a Tib St, Manchester, M4 1LX.