With so much of your day spent working with a mouse, why compromise on its quality?

In collaboration with Razer™, Humanscale created Pro Click – a state-of-art wireless ergonomic computer mouse built for comfort and productivity. Engineered by top ergonomists and designers, its advanced size and shape alleviates wrist strain and promotes healthy arm posture to ensure long-term comfort.

Pro Click’s shape contours to the user’s palm, eliminating any contact between the hand and the work surface. Designed with a 30-degree tilt, Pro Click promotes a natural ergonomic arm posture to alleviate unwanted wrist strain for all-day comfort.

The Razer Pro Click mouse features a 16,000 DPI 5G Advance Optical Sensor, ensuring that even the slightest of movements are tracked, giving you an acute level of precision. Its Multi-Host Connectivity feature pairs Pro Click with up to 4 devices, allowing you to maximize productivity by conveniently switching between your desktop, laptop, TV, or tablet with a simple click.

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