Lighting Design – It’s not just about numbers. By Enigma

Lighting Design – It’s not just about numbers

Lighting in any space is vitally important, be it artificial lighting to enhance an environment and light your workspace or the consideration of natural light in the space. In each scenario, the final way we perceive the space and the lit effect is personal to us.

Lighting design is subjective…

It’s a balance of an understanding of its science and the aesthetic
wanted in space, teamed with knowledge of light sources and controls.
At Enigma Lighting or design team work alongside clients, architects, interior designers, landscape designers and engineers to strike the lighting design balance.

As with all engineering and science-based disciplines there are guidelines, which have been written to help the uninitiated with some directions on how to light different spaces, but all too often these guidelines are believed to be the compliance checklist of all performance levels to be achieved by lighting design.

The guidance, in turn, is used in detriment to the balance of the overall design intent. Subtle lighting or simply placing light where it’s needed to dress a space is disregarded or deemed “non-compliant” when that’s simply not the case. You can achieve both if you have the know-how.

Our advice; get a lighting designer involved on your project as soon as possible and you will see the difference.