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An over-arching and heavily reactionary take from many individuals is that there is a binary choice between home-based working and working from an orthodox office space. This is incorrect. Whilst it is true that difficult decisions will need to be made across every industry in regards to where people will work, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is and always has been far more about how people work, not where they do it.


The Resimercial collective is the perfect hybrid design to respond to evolving commercial interiors. A cross pollination of materials and aesthetics, with the comfort of home styling and the durability and functional demands of a working environment.


As the lines between distinct work functions in a space become more and more blurred the Resimercial collective is designed to blend areas together to create a harmonious environment that facilitates hi-performance and the wellbeing of employees.


A collection of soft-seating, statement chairs and tables characterised by soft home interior inspired fabrics, warm colour pallets and natural materials, the Resimercial collective is an elegant and comforting design style which creates unparalleled comfort and practicality with a stunning overall design aesthetic.