Sustainable development with Porcelanosa

Sustainable development has been, and continues to be, a focal point for PORCELANOSA Group. We are committed to creating products and systems which minimise the consumption of natural resources and are environmentally friendly, whilst maintaining the aesthetics and functionality that have come to be synonymous with the PORCELANOSA Group.

The development of KRION Shell® arose from the commitment to developing sustainable, durable products and systems that encapsulate the circular economy. KRION Shell® combines sustainability, functionality and design all in one. It is an Engineered Mineral Composite consisting of two parts: a structural inner core and a solid uniform outer surface made of mineral materials and resins.

At least 5% of the total composition KRION Shell® is made up of waste plastic, with most of the inner core made using dolomite, an abundant material. To bind the materials, an eco-friendly resin is used made of waste plastic. By using recycled PET plastics, waste materials are given a new life using a circular economy approach.

PORCELANOSA Group has also developed R eco – the first adhesive additive for ceramic tiles installation that is made of 100% recycled plastic materials. R eco includes 250 grams of postconsumer recycled plastic, equivalent to 50 supermarket bags. If all PORCELANOSA ceramic tiles were installed using r eco, it would reduce annual quantities of plastic poured into the ocean by 800 MT / year.