Beautiful kitchen design with PORCELANOSA

Our kitchens are often the epicenter of the home. In addition to being the designated space for cooking, they also provide a social component. Here to provide you with kitchen inspiration is GAMADECOR, the kitchen and bathroom furniture company of the PORCELANOSA Group.

GAMADECOR creates top quality contemporary kitchens that combine beauty and functionality to perfection through its Residence and Emotions® collections. They provide ideal solutions featuring original kitchen designs that reflect the latest trends, creating a harmonious setting offering both practical resources and functionality.

GAMADECOR kitchens, both Emotions® and Residence, are defined by their high-quality materials, finishes and design. They combine aesthetic elegance with practical functionality, capturing the latest trends in a harmonious environment.

There’s the E9.30 (Emotions), with its large doors designed to hide parts of the kitchen and provide a more spacious area. There’s also the R3.70 (Residence) for extra workspace of E6.90 (Emotions®) using nano technology to provide scratch resistant surfaces, providing a finish perfect for a busy kitchen. Its neutral style complements many colours.

GAMADECOR auxiliary furniture can also lends a whole new dimension to the GAMADECOR kitchen. The unique natural look, quality and comfort of the chair, stool and table designs make all the difference when creating settings.

Made using the finest materials and first class finishes with meticulous attention to detail, the GAMADECOR auxiliary units are now an essential part of any GAMADECOR kitchen.

An open plan kitchen, offering plenty of space and a flowing sense of connectivity, can help to ebb away any feeling of limitation. The modern open plan kitchen can be a designer statement, with the kitchen treated like a crafted piece of joinery.

No longer a series of compartmentalised rooms, the shared areas of the home can become fully integrated into a single, communal space to escape from the noisy outside world for a while.

To facilitate the creation of open-plan rooms that unite different living spaces, GAMADECOR developed a range of modular furniture to match the Company’s kitchen furniture, forming a link between the kitchen and dining room.

This modular range features a wide variety of different items, from drawer and wall units to desks and shelving, in a variety of finishes to help you create settings in keeping with your personal style and needs.

To ensure a congruent and elegant kitchen throughout, Gamadecor has also launched its own collection of designer lamps, each with a different look, aspect and shape. Each one of them contributes to the overall aesthetic, modernising your kitchen design.