Muffle Products Installed at LBU

We are proud to share that some of our own brand products have been installed at the new Leeds Beckett University building!

Based in the centre of Leeds, this £80 million development will become a new hub for creative education at Leeds Beckett University. Designed to house 1850 students from various courses all under one roof, this impressive space has dedicated studios for fashion, music and performing arts!

Our products were used to ensure that this 9-storey development is ready for staff and students to return to University in a comfortable acoustic environment!


MufflePinboards not only offer sound absorption, but a place to display important notices and information to students and faculty around the building. These pinboards are ideal for absorbing speech level frequencies, thus improving speech clarity!

Available in 13 attractive colours with optional waterjet cutting and digital printing, our team can help you to have your very own branded pinboard!

MuffleRafts and MuffleBaffles

A total of 3,698 Class A sound absorbing MuffleRafts and MuffleBaffles can be seen in some of the larger open spaces as well as the corridors of the University.

These rafts are designed to absorb sound from the front and back surfaces which enables us to achieve the highest performance of sound absorption. Our rafts combined with beautiful lighting fixtures create an artistic flair, which is all too fitting for the Creative Arts building!