Amazing Design with Valchromat

What do you think of this amazing Valchromat ‘Parquetry’? It’s the brainchild of design duo Michael Snelling and David Sherriff and uses precision cut Valchromat in various colours to produce these plaids and other highly ornate designs. It’s Valchromat, laid within Valchromat, if you will!

With a background in high end events and fit-out projects, the duo produced these exquisite designs with brand led commercial interiors in mind; they even developed concept samples specifically for Burrberry and Barbour. As it’s Valchromat, it is moisture resistant, so won’t be an issue with all those wet wellies and overcoats! It can be finished in a range of oils, creams and waxes to give just the surface finish you desire.

Also, introducing Valchromat’s new White Grey. Subtle and neutral, the new colour can be combined with all the other colour range and will allow numerous applications.

If require samples of information on any of our products, please drop Mike an email at  or call 0161 537 1185.