Light’s role in wood flooring

Light has a vital role to play when designing interiors. It has the ability to change the mood and ambience of a room, just as much as it can cleverly manipulate the size and shape of a space. In the same way light also has a significant effect on how wood flooring can look, from the colour of the boards to the perceived size of the planks. Combine lighting techniques with the effects of a light-coloured wood floorboard, such as white or a grey, and a room can instantly be lifted from dark and dismal, to bright and spacious.


As seen in this project, Havwoods’ beautiful, FSC® (FSC-C009500) certified Fendi board (HW3606) from the Venture Plank collection is visually accentuated by the elegant, light-filled space that is made bright and airy through white walls, large windows and a stunning skylight. The natural light here helps to emphasise the Fendi wood’s rustic characteristics adding an appealing sense of personality to the room.


The effect of sunshine and light quality on wood flooring offers an opportunity to be playful within interiors and embrace seasonal changes throughout the year – creating a space that is cool and welcoming during some months, and warm and relaxing during others. Using natural light wherever possible will ensure that the wood flooring is being showcased at its best.


Sunshine isn’t the only light that can have an effect on the look of wood flooring – artificial light can also have a dramatic impact and the effect should not be underestimated. Incandescent and soft white florescent bulbs intensify warm wood colours but tend to fade cooler colours, while halogen and full-spectrum bulbs most closely mimic the bright light of natural sunlight. The same product can appear warm and rich under one light, and then cool and stark under another.


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