FORESSO® – The Timber Terrazzo

Wood is a renewable material that naturally captures carbon, as well as being beautiful and practical. It has always offered a sustainable solution for interior design and construction, but what if you were able to take wood waste and use it to create something else, truly unique and equally exquisite?

Havwoods is proud to introduce Foresso® – the Timber Terrazzo. 

The way the material is constructed is that firstly offcuts and leftover wooden items are broken down into shards of timber. These are then, expertly and consistently, set into a 0% VOC resin binder to form this material. In addition, a large amount of wood dust and mineral powders are used in the binder to reduce the amount of resin used. This also adds durability to the product.

Available in both plank and tile formats, these pre-finished products are easy to install in any interior and can be adjusted on site like any other wood flooring product. Proudly made in Britain, and utilising a minimum of 65% waste material, Foresso® offers you an amazing take on wood flooring choices, with a vast variety of styles!

To find out more, request pricing or discuss how this unique product could be incorporated into your design, please contact Havwoods.