Enigma Lighting have created a Top 5 Retail Trends list for 2021


Flexibility & Scale

Adapting to the changes in the way we shop, retailers are now teaming-up with like-minded or product connected brands within their retail spaces. For example L’Occitane have teamed-up with Patisserie and Chocolatier Pierre Hermes  within their shared Paris store and Roman & Williams Guild have added a restaurant to their store which uses only their homeware to create the dining space.

Enigma Tubular 60 track spot and 48V track


Customer Experience

Retailers are constantly looking of ways to heighten the experience of their environments and at Enigma we work with clients to create the crowd pleasing installations based around themes of new products or the brand ethos, that draw customers into spaces. Pieces which catch your eye, involve movement and “plays of brilliance” a true crowd pleasers and help to draw people into your retail space.


Big data & Smart Retail

Alongside the energy monitoring side of lighting control systems, the bigger LED manufacturers are now ceasing on the opportunity to tie-in the use of in-store mapping (some larger stores now have their own google map of their layout for you to use in-store) and the opportunities connected to customers using their mobile phones whilst in store. Using the lighting control system, retailers are now able to monitor the movement of customers around their stores and send targeted marketing such as vouchers or related product information, depending on where the customer is within the retail space and what they may have purchased before.

Credit : OSRAM – Einstone control system; Enigma lighting are Osram distribution partners


 A “designer” LED

It is now possible for a retail brand to develop an LED specifically “mixed” to enhance brand colour palettes. The lighting community is looking at enhancing the testing and catagorisation of LEDs using a new LED standard TM-30. This broadens the number of colours that an LED’s output is tested against relative to daylight or another control light source. In the simplest of terms, we’re now able to test the effectiveness of an LED against 99 test colours rather than the previous 14 test colours and we are also experimenting with LED’s which can create the appearance of more saturated colours as well as making an LED even more true to a daylight full spectrum mix than before.


Shop Front Window

Technology is now also being applied to shop front windows. Eye movement technology along with backlit  glass  allows  further details of the products you’re looking at  to be placed right in front of you, along with pricing information and where the products are located into store.

Exciting times ahead!