Mattonelle Margherita

With Mattonelle Margherita, Mutina has worked with colour, along with the artist Nathalie Du Pasquier, creating a complex project featuring a blend of different aesthetic and formal means of expression. The collection is characterised by a dual concept: on the one hand, a simple, minimalist style, evident in the plain-coloured elements, and on the other, a courageous, creative approach, characterised by a large variety of graphics. In total it is composed of 41 patterns designed by hand, available in two sizes.

The elements are created in glazed porcelain stoneware, with a traditional industrial production method of the kind used in the past. To obtain the best possible result in terms of finish and colour, careful research has gone into the glazes, in order to identify the most reactive, so as to give a bright, vibrant finish to the satin-effect surface. The combination of pure white glazes and transparent, waxy glazes, applied in abundance, guarantees a natural-looking surface, on which colour is absorbed, maximising its effect.

The tiles can be combined with each other, allowing for the creation of endless different layouts, always novel and innovative, suitable for tiling entire surfaces on both floors and walls, or for creative interesting decorative details in any home, such as wood panelling effects, skirting and door frames. The combinations suggested – some with a simple, minimalist style, others of a more audacious nature – are ideal for those who like to experiment and play around with covering materials to obtain surprising results.

Mattonelle Margherita has been created in strict compliance with the sustainability standards currently in force to protect the environment. The intrinsic characteristics of ceramic material make it an effective choice, thanks to the limited impact generated during the production process and life cycle (estimated at over 50 years). In addition, the elements are able to withstand the action of chemical agents, outdoor weather conditions and conditions of severe environmental stress, such as fires, flooding, humidity, variations in temperature and UV rays, guaranteeing lengthy duration consistent with the principles of the Circular Economy.


Mattonelle Margherita is meant for everyone. Mattonelle Margherita requires creativity. Mattonelle Margherita is meant for the fearless ones.Nathalie Du Pasquier